Why Promotional Models?

Promotional Models are different than traditional brand ambassadors because they rely on their looks as well as their charm to attract and engage consumers.

At Rogue Promotions, we pride ourselves on selecting talented, charismatic male and female models that know how to start the conversation, keep consumers engaged, and articulate your brand’s message clearly.

Our team of gorgeous, knowledgeable promotional models is the best way to make your brand stand out from the rest.

How Are We Different?

Rogue Promotions is a Winnipeg-based marketing agency with over 120 enthusiastic brand ambassadors who make it their mission to promote you and your brand. With a combined decade of experience, we know how to train our models to help you make the most of your events.

By keeping things local, we are able to develop deeper relationships with our clients and make sure that each of our brand ambassadors is perfectly trained and instructed on how to become a seamless extension of your business.

10Years of experience
120Brand ambassadors
50Satisfied customers


We understand that your brand image is everything, which is why we only employ the highest-quality men and women to represent you.

Our brand ambassadors are trained with the specific social skills to keep consumers engaged, interested, and thinking of their experience long after the conversation has ended.

Prior to events, we provide our staff with comprehensive event protocol so that they understand your company, your products, and key messages so that they can best represent you and your brand.

In addition to being trained on how to best represent your brand, our staff are instructed on their image, down to how their hair should be styled, how makeup should be applied, and what apparel to wear.

Feedback That Helps You

After each event we require that our staff provide us with feedback from their interactions with your customers.

Using this information, we provide you with success reports detailing consumer perspectives on your key brand initiatives. These reports give you valuable information about how people are discussing and thinking about your brand, and assist you in gauging your return on investment and key performance indicators.

To know more about how our brand ambassadors can help you with your event marketing needs: